BLOOM OBJECTS, founded by Pernille Vejbæk in 2023, based in Denmark. 3D printed, sculptural & collectable pieces. The idea was born out of the desire to bring the future a little bit closer to the present by creating products that were not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious by combining technology, design and sustainability.

All objects are inspired by the beauty of nature, feminine curves and soft organic shapes. 

Every object is designed and produced in Aarhus, Denmark. The technology of 3D printing allows using 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable bioplastic - based on renewable resources, corn or sugarcane.

The name BLOOM OBJECTS means "the flower of a plant" which refers to the plants used in the production & the desire to bring the energy of nature into your surroundings, allowing the objects to bloom and flourish in your space. Let it bloom.


Behind BLOOM OBJECTS is me, Pernille Vejbæk. With a strong passion for design & aesthetics, I thought it was about time to challenge the current approach of how to design, form and produce objects - and embracing a more sustainable mindset towards modern interior.

My interest in 3D technology started back in the days (2017) when I was studying Design & Business and truly opened my eyes to 3D printing and its endless design opportunities.

I’ve always had the urge to create, explore and rethink - and I instantly fell in love with the 3D technique and the pure materials I now have the pleasure of working with.


Firstly, every object is drawn by hand, and the sketch is 3D modeled and optimized using a tech software which turns the 3D model into digital instruction for the machines.

Afterwards, the printing process begins. The innovative creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using a three dimensional process; which means an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is finally created. It takes about 4-8 hours to print one object.

The materials is everything. The objects are all made of PLA (Polylactic Acid) that is both 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable bioplastic. It’s made of renewable resources such as corn or sugarcane and Lactic.

In recent years, the issue of plastic waste has become a major environmental concern, and the search for sustainable alternatives has become a top priority. One such alternative is polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable plastic that is made from 100% biomass resources.

Due to the composition of the biodegradable material, it can be industrially composted after its use and return organic and non-toxic nutrients to the soil.

Because 3D printing enables on-demand production, it eliminates the need for overproduction, which is a major contributor to environmental waste.

Every piece is designed & produced locally in Aarhus, Denmark.

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